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Sydney declares a climate emergency – what does that mean in practice?

Chris Turney, UNSW Late on Monday night, the City of Sydney became the second state capital in Australia (after Hobart a week earlier) to officially declare a climate emergency. With climate change considered a threat to human life, Sydney councillors unanimously supported a motion put forward by Lord Mayor Clover Moore to mobilise city resources…

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Why old-school climate denial has had its day

New South Wales, which was 100% drought-declared in August 2018, is already suffering climate impacts. Michael J. I. Brown, Monash University The Coalition has been re-elected to government, and after six years in office it has not created any effective policies for reducing greenhouse emissions. Does that mean the Australian climate change debate is stuck…

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The Industrial Revolution kick-started global warming much earlier than we realised

Helen McGregor, University of Wollongong; Joelle Gergis, University of Melbourne; Nerilie Abram, Australian National University, and Steven Phipps, University of Tasmania. Originally published at The Conversatio in 2016. In the early days of the Industrial Revolution, no one would have thought that their burning of fossil fuels would have an almost immediate effect on the…

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